Investment opportunity


''Farm on the mountain'' is one of the oldest farms in Mallorca. It has 72 hectares and a wonderful vineyard of soon-to-be Anima Negra wines.

Invest now, and influence the development of the fully licensed 28 hotel rooms, restaurant, terrace, courtyard, pool, spa and mountain glamping areas.

The views are sublime as the venue is located in one of Mallorca’s most beautiful valleys.

The current owner was told the hotel license was going to take a maximum of two years to be prepared, and after three years and more waiting, life just had to move on. Five years passed, and now the license has finally arrived, thus presenting a golden opportunity for a Mallorca lover who enjoys fincas, great wine, fabulous farming and a top hotel project.

The Hotel Rural is being created in 18th century buildings. As many as 28 hotel rooms have been approved, as has a pool and a winery, which you can see in the plans below.

The land that belongs to the Hotel Rural spreads over 72 hectares. Apart from the vineyard there are olive trees, almond trees, alfalfa and carob trees, there is a small herd of Dexter cattle and a wolf dog. The land is rich in water resources and has a 372 metre mountain where a glamping project with tents is being planned.

The finca buildings cover 2000 square metres and has a consecrated chapel, an ancient olive mill, a courtyard and over 1700 square metres of terraces. As the license has been approved now work on the project will proceed as planned. The opportune moment to act is now, when the price is at its lowest point, and while there is ample opportunity to influence the building plans still. Otherwise the hotel will be built and sold at a later date.

The Mediterranean Sea by the horizon.

While visiting, one can easily picture exclusive weddings being held here, and it is very easy to picture corporate events and holistic retreats too. Wine and olive oil tours are naturally advantageous with the vineyard and the olive oil production onsite. The hotel-to-be is located just 20 minutes from the sea and 35 minutes from Palma.
Five star hotel project. 

Sales contact:
Phone: +34687934707

Reference: EMM4

Price : 7,5 M€


Buildings – see plan of existing layout and new bodega.

Land: 72 hectares

Vineyard: An 11.5 hectare area with vines, almost ecological, planted in 2017 to 2019 with Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah, Chardonnay and many local varieties which is expected to produce 55,000 liters per year on maturity.

Olive grove: A 20 hectare olive oil grove with many ancient trees that produce extra virgin olive oil. Carob and almond trees are grown, and there is a small herd of Dexter cattle.

Hunting reserve: Some 40 hectares of pine and oak forest on the mountain provide a hunting reserve where wild goats, fowl, hares and rabbits can be hunted.

Water: Two deep drilled wells produce enough water fro the hotel aned vineyard and there is permission to drill for more if needed. A reservoir holds 650.000 litres of good drinking water. There are also many natural wells on the land.

A Machine park with tractor, trailer, stone crusher, vineyard implements and more.

Wonderful beaches, villages and natural & cultural sights are nearby.

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engstrom

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